Getting Festive Fast

You've put off getting ready for the holidays because, let's face it, the to-do list never gets smaller. But it feels good to decorate. And it relieves some daily stress to boot. Holiday decorating seems daunting, but don’t let it be. Here are some easy ideas.

Candles, candles and more candles. You can never have enough.  Rule of thumb: mix-and-matched sizes, not scent. But feel free to sprinkle in a few single signature scents (This one in "woods and whiskey" is sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit!) Think white and bright and pop them all around the house.

Grab a few poinsettias and place them on either side of your front door. Or back door. Or wherever people wander in. Done and done.

No fireplace, no problem! Try filling a cachepot with birch logs and wrapping them in lights...cozy and bright!

Fill a tray with leftover ornaments, tuck green boughs around them, and place it on the dining room table. Add a candle or two. (We weren't kidding about never having enough!)

Smells are nostalgia for the nose. Get a pot simmering with pine needles and cinnamon. No actual baking required.

Don't forget about all of these great ideas for turning your Christmas cards into decor! And if you’re invited to someone else’s trimmed and trendy home, don’t forget a little something from your gift closet. (Phew.)

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