What turned into Hudson began in my childhood at the home of a family friend.

I can still remember everything about that magical space … The oversized wall hanging depicting white-aproned men carrying giant watermelons … An exploding mixture of textures and colors … Moments of discovery and surprise ... A magical workspace hidden in a nook at the top of the stairs… All of it tapped into something that was the seed of Hudson. The naming story is a funny one, and if you want to hear about it come on in. We’ll have a good laugh. But what I love about the name isn’t the way it evokes Hudson, New York and its galleries, artists, one-of-a-kind shops, its vintage tradition … it’s the sheer solidity of the name. I'm drawn to big things. Solid people. Oversized gestures. Comfort and abundance… Hudson says all that… Oh, and I have a dog named Rufus. He’s solid too. Come say hi. Let's talk more then.